About the seminar

Praxis seminar course: Promoting Change thru Service.  This semester-long, cohort-based seminar allows undergraduate students who are interning in a human service organization or community agency to examine policies and practices that are intended to bring about change and foster resilience and well-being among consumers, clients, and/or patients receiving services in these various settings. Applying a biopsychosocial-spiritual matrix to the understanding of human behavior, students use a theory of change approach and develop a corresponding logic model to articulate their understanding of how their own role contributes to the change process for those receiving services. The seminar builds student digital competencies and promotes LILAC competencies.  Students address cultural diversity in the context of agency/organizational practice and their own fieldwork activities. Designed to maximize student involvement, seminar meetings allow students to work with each other and their instructor as full partners in the implementation of the course.