Professor Jim Martin

Brief Biography: Professor James A. Martin, Ph.D., LICSW; Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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James (Jim) Martin is a tenured Professor of Social Work and Social Research and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with more than forty-eight years of social work practice.  His scholarship, teaching, and public service focus on the well being of individuals, families and communities, and his research and civic engagement address military and Veteran populations. Jim is currently engaged in scholarship intended to enhance community-based behavioral health and reintegration services for military and Veteran-connected populations, as well as initiatives promoting the well-being of survivors of military and other types of violent death.

A retired Army Colonel, Jim’s military career spans a wide array of clinical, research, as well as senior program management (command) and policy assignments. Jim was the senior Social Work Officer in the Combat Theater during the First Gulf War.  Prior to his military retirement, Jim served in the Pentagon as the Executive Assistant to the Army Assistant Surgeon General for Medical Research & Development and as the Senior Medical Advisor to the Army Director of Science and Technology.

Jim was awarded the 2009 Bryn Mawr College McPherson Fellowship for excellence in teaching, research, and service.  He was the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work recipient of their 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award for Social Work Practice and he received the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award from Boston College’s School of Social Work. In 2016 Jim was recognized by the National Association of Social Work Foundation as a Social Work Pioneer.

Jim’s recent Professional and Public Service Activities include serving at the Scientific Panel Manager for Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans (AGVETS) Competitive Grants Program sponsored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture Institute of Youth, Family, and Community; Member, Bryn Mawr College Faculty Speaker Program; Consultant to the Philadelphia Council for Relationships regarding training and education of marriage & family counselors and clinical services to military members, Veterans and their families; and as an advisor to the Travis Manion Foundation (Survivor Services).

Recent Publications:

Martin, J.A; Clayton, L.A.; & Parker, M.W,(2019). Looking Back on Wartime Service: Reminiscence by James G. Van Straten. Journal of Aging & Mental Health. DOI: 10.1080/13607863.2019.1609904

 Mancini, J; O’Neal, C; Martin, J.A.; Bowen, G. L., (2018). Community social organization and military families: Theoretical perspectives on transitions, contexts, and resilience. Journal of Family Theory & Review. DOI:10.1111/jftr.12271

Martin, J.A.; Albright, D.; & Borah, E. (2016): Expanding our understanding of military social work: The concept of military- and veteran-connected populations, Journal of Family Social Work, DOI: 10.1080/10522158.2016.1237919

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