Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a folk story dating back at least to the 18th century.  There have been many adaptations across numerous cultures. Typically, this is a story in which hungry strangers to a community offer to create a soup starting only with a big pot, water, and three stones. In the process, they convince community members to share (contribute) a small amount of their own food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys.  Stone Soup can be thought of as a moral statement about the value of sharing.

In the context of this seminar the instructor has invited students to join in the creation of a version of stone soup for class consumption–each student sharing their academic knowledge and skills;  and especially their experiences from individual Praxis field settings. These diverse experiences, from a broad array of community settings, are the key ingredients that enrich the seminar (our version of stone soup).

The metaphor of “sharing” connects with the value of volunteer service and other forms of civic engagement. It encourages students to see themselves as life-long contributors to society, promoting individual and collective well-being through service to others.

The opening picture representing Stone Soup is from Food Banks Canada